What is Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal and natural reaction to something seen as threatening.

Fight or flight response

This is the name given to the bodyís reaction to perceived danger; it is to prepare the body to deal with danger and to cope with vigorous physical exercise like fighting or running. In modern times the fight or flight response is no longer the right response in most anxiety-giving situations.

The vicious anxiety chain

The vicious anxiety chain occurs when feelings of anxiety build up to such a pitch that they get out of control. Below you will find an example of a typical anxiety chain.

1st Stage
Worrying thoughts†/ Mind alert / Iím no good at this
Body arousal†/ Ready to react /†Dry mouth
Release of adrenalin / Tension in muscles

2nd Stage
More worrying thoughts / I feel terrible / Increased body arousal
Faster breathing / Oxygen speeds to brain to help
Faster heartbeat / Think and react / Nausea

3rd Stage
Thoughts intensify / Iím going to die

Bodily feelings and thoughts uncontrollable / Start hyperventilating
Palpitations Blurred vision

Final Stage

Run away / Blame others / Decide to avoid
Become angry / Decide it isnít worth doing / Rationalise fear