What is Motivation?

What is Motivation

Motivation is an inner state that inspires and guides any person's actions. At it's most basic, motivation is a survival instinct - it gives us the desire to eat, to rest, to reduce physical pain, to stay alive. But it is also what drives us towards anything that we believe will make us happy, whether that is a job, a person or a more abstract state of being.

When we are working towards a certain goal, motivation is the need we feel to reach that goal, and it influences our behaviour in order to get there.

Motivation Tips:


Tips to help you achieve motivation

1 – Let go of your past

Before you can create a better future for yourself you will have to let go of the pains in your past.

2 – Remember success

Just as important as learning from and overcoming past failure is recalling past success.

3 – Realize the possibilities

The dreams you hold in your heart but push to the back of your mind are possible.

4 – Dream the big dream

In order for dreams and desires to inspire you to action and achievement, they need to be big. If you don’t get excited about what you have planned for the

5 – Thinking your way to change

No matter how bad you want it to happen, change will never result from thinking alone – you must take action.

6 – A daily habit to begin today

Set aside at least 30 minutes each night to review your day and plan for the next. It is a simple way to add some control to your life.

7 – Mix it up

The wrong routine can mess everything up for your goals and dreams. To make sure this does not happen to you, add at least one new thing to your daily routine to help.

8 – A team sport.

Get your family and friends involved, it can help you to reach your goals if there are helping you.

9 – Get excited about what’s to come.

Now is the time to get excited and inspired about what your future holds.

10 – Raise your standards.

It is time to raise your standards. It is time to expect more out of yourself than anyone else.

11 – Take ownership

You must take responsibility for your position in life. You are in control of your future and you are the only one who can guarantee a better life.

12 – Write in a journal

A million thoughts may rush through your mind each day. So writing them down may help you.

13 – A friendly brainstorming session

Get a group of your closest friends together and use their knowledge of what there know about you and your life to help you brainstorm goals and dream ideas.

14 – What don’t you what?

Sometimes the easiest way to uncover what you want is to know exactly what you don’t want.

15 – Impossible to fail

Fear of failing often clouds people’s paths. To avoid this pitfall, imagine that it is impossible to fail. What dreams would you pursue if you were guaranteed success?

16 – Your ideal life

Think to the future were will u be in five years time think about what will u look like?   Use this picture of the future to create goals in the present.

17 – Small steps to great success

You must recognize the fact that it takes only small steps to create amazing changes. A single step in the right direction is all it takes to put in motion great things.

18 – Who are you living for?

Decide here and now that creating the life you want to live be far more important than blending in and living for the approval of others.

19 – Educate yourself

The more you know, the more you will grow. Information is the greatest to know about what you want and you will never be without the drive and energy you need to make it happen.

20 – Become aware of your thoughts

The wrong thoughts playing on your mind can sap the strength out of anyone’s confidence. Become aware of the things you say to yourself, every time you come to a negative phrase stop yourself and replace it with a strong and positive thought.

21 – Fear is part of the puzzle

If you’re waiting for a guaranteed success, you will be waiting for the rest of your life. Fear is part of the process of success – there’s no way around it.

22 – Your excuses have no uses

Excuses are scapegoats; they cover up the truth so we don’t have to face it. You know this isn’t the way to a happy and successful life.

23 – A part of your identity

When success becomes a part of your identity and a part of who you are, you will find getting motivated to do more with your life is an easy task.

24 – Know when to keep quite

Just as important as sharing your goal with those who will offer guidance and support is not sharing your goal with those who will resent your improvement and take a jab at you with every chance they get.

25 – Organize your space

A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind. Taking a few hours to clean up your common work areas will go a long way in helping you maintain clarity and focus while working towards your goals.

26 – Everyone needs a day off

Sometimes the best way to stay motivated to achieve your goals is to give it a rest. When things don’t seem to be going your way or you simply feel exhausted, put your goals out of your mind until the next day.

27 – Use a timeline

Your dreams need a timeline. This includes not only a deadline but also a time to begin. Without timeline, potentially rewarding and fulfilling goals may silently slip away until they become only distant memories. To accomplish this use charts and checklists

28 – Windows of opportunity

What you see today will not necessarily mirror the picture of tomorrow. In other words things change. You can never know for sure how long the opportunity to act will offer itself.

29 – Get active

An inspired mind is of little use if you lack the physical vitality to execute your plans. Get active and get moving.

30 – Maintain a healthy diet

Just as important as an active lifestyle is a healthy diet.

31 – Get enough rest

Your body cannot perform at its peak levels if you don’t give it the time it requires for rest and repair.

32 – Learn from your mistakes

When things don’t work out exactly as you plan don’t waste the opportunity to learn something from your mistakes.

33 – The ups and downs.

You will not always be motivated to succeed. We all have our ups and downs, and expecting anything different will create frustration and anger.

35 – Volunteer your time

An effective method to help others is volunteering. Your time is the most precious resource you have, and giving it to someone else is a truly rewarding experience.

36 – Keep a notebook in goal-creating areas

Watching television and reading can offer hundreds of ideas that you can use to help you create your own personal goals, so when you get an idea for a goal you’d like to achieve write it down immediately. The simple act of writing your goals down on a sheet of paper will bring them one step closer to reality.

37 – Measure your progress.

As you begin putting the pieces of your desire in place, be sure to measure your progress along the way, doing so will help to keep you motivated to achieve the goal as you see real improvement taking place. You will also be able to recognize troubling areas that need more attention or successful methods that could be spread to others aspects of the goal. Remember with progress success takes time.

38 – What’s holding you back?

Take time to really think about what’s holding you back from working toward and achieving your goal. Too often people get a ‘feeling’ and quit on their dreams. You can’t fight or solve a vague feeling, but you can solve a specific problem. That’s why it’s critical for you to home in on exactly what’s holding you back from success.

39 – Share the excitement.

Don’t keep your plans for a better future to yourself – share the excitement with those who will not see it as bragging or that your ego is taking over. This will include others in the picture that will ask about your progress and keep you heading in the right direction.

40 – Starting in the right direction

You may not realize it but you’ve already taken a massive step towards success. Simply reading these words shows your desire to enhance the quality of your life. Now that you’ve taken the first step keep it going.

41 – Enjoy the ride (The choice is yours)

While you’re working your tail off to create a better life for you and your family it’s important to enjoy the experience and not just focus on the outcome. It’s up to you to start to change your life but don’t but it off

42 – When should you begin?

It’s decision time. You can continue to dream about the things you want or you can do something about it. You can let routine run the show or you can make a change. You can put off your happiness until another day or you can begin doing the things you know you are capable of doing.


Tips for Time

Review the following list and choose the tips that fit your particular time management needs. Remember to design an individualized time management system that fits your personality, so it will be more effective for you.


Be realistic with yourself regarding how much you can actually accomplish in a given time period.

Realize that all tasks are not equally important and set priorities on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis.


Fine-tune your ability to say “NO” to additional responsibilities that infringe on your personal, work and leisure time.

Be aware of your peak energy periods and plan to do activities, which require a high level of concentration and performance, during those times.

Ask yourself “what’s the best use of my time right now?” and focus on that particular activity.


Remember that striving for perfection takes time and usually isn’t necessary. Complete tasks well enough to get the results you really need

Realize that many tasks/responsibilities can be delegated to others. Be sure to communicate your expectations clearly.

Make basic decisions quickly to save energy for the more important and difficult decisions.

Approach overwhelming responsibilities with a positive attitude, and learn to break large tasks into small, achievable ones.

Make use of “waiting” time, by having small, uncomplicated tasks/activities to do or simply plan to enjoy this time and relax

Always remind yourself of the benefits you will receive from completion of a task

Set goals and reward yourself when you’ve accomplished them

Free time, leisure activities and exercise need to be scheduled/prioritized, as well as work activities.

Request dedicated time whenever needed to achieve goals. Take control of your environment at home or work to establish a suitable place to do tasks.


Circle three “tips for time” that you can incorporate into your individualized time management system.

Write one goal down which needs attention now.