Teen Mental Health

Teenagers are often under pressure to do well at school, make key decisions that can govern the rest of their lives and become people their parents can be proud of.  It is not always easy to cope with this level of expectation and, as a result of this; they can develop mental health problems such as feeling sad, depressed and even worthless.  These are real feelings and sufferers may also display the following signs:

  • Invariably angry or worried
  • Finding it difficult to come to terms with a loss or bereavement
  • Inability to think clearly for themselves
  • Drug and/or alcohol abuse
  • Incessant bingeing on food, alcohol or exercise
  • Destructive behaviour towards property and, even, other people
  • Being reckless and ‘going off the rails’

Treatment can include discussions with parents, a school counsellor or their local GP, as well as taking appropriate medication after consultation.

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